Is longevity really good? How old is it for everyone to be considered longevity? I believe everyone has different views on longevity, "Some people hope to live to 120 years old, and some people hope to reach the average lifespan age..."

But for some elderly people living a long life is not something to be happy about. Why is that?

The main reason is that the living conditions of the vast majority of long-lived elderly people are not ideal. Most of the elderly now live alone, and they will inevitably feel lonely after a long time. Second, as you age, you can get sick even after a healthy and long life to a certain age. Some elderly people may have difficulty moving once they are sick, and some even require 24-hour care. At this time, old people might feel that they are a burden.

If it is a disease-ridden and lonely old age, do you still want it? Most of the elderly refuse this kind of life. So for us, what kind of life do we yearn for when we are old?

1. A body free from disease

2. Have a certain deposit

3. Happy family

4. Develop new hobbies

5. Travel when your physical condition allows

6. Regular medical check-ups

For us, only by meeting the above pressure requirements can we ensure that what we yearn for in our later years will be happier.

So what should we do to achieve our ideal old age life?

1. Keep a young mind and use your brain more often

No matter how you maintain it, the aging of the body is irresistible. What we can do is to ease the aging time. For the elderly, in addition to the muscles of the human body, the first thing to grow old is the brain. At this time, the elderly need to use their brains more, to maintain the "flexibility" of the brain and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

In addition, an optimistic attitude is also particularly important for those who come. In the face of some chronic diseases, an optimistic attitude may be good medicine.

2. Make sure to eat a healthy diet every day, don't just settle

For older adults, regular three meals a day are important. Since the digestive function of the elderly will gradually decline, it is recommended that the diet of the elderly should be based on a light and soft diet, but it is necessary to ensure a balanced diet. Pay attention to protein supplementation every day, because sufficient protein will enhance the body's metabolism.

In addition, the absorption capacity of the elderly is poor, so it is recommended that the elderly choose the high-quality protein as much as possible, such as soy products, fish, eggs, and other foods. Not only that, the food for the elderly should not be delayed. When you are ready for your health, some chronic diseases will slowly come to you.

3. Keep exercising every day, don't get lazy

Appropriate exercise every day is especially important, no matter what age you are. For the elderly, physical function, resistance, and physical strength will decline. At this time, it is necessary to avoid high-intensity exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that older people take a 30-minute walk every day.

Don't underestimate a simple walk, stick to it every day, it can not only promote the digestion of food, but also promote blood circulation, speed up the body's metabolism, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.