The picturesque waterfall has an innate serenity. The scenery is beautiful and unbelievably serene, and the vistas of living water cascading down the weathered cliffs are even more dizzying.

Australia is blessed with some of the most spectacular waterfalls. From the stunning Holy Water Caves of Killen Falls in NSW to the wonders of Hamersley Gorge in Western Australia's Karijini National Park. Waterfalls are prized in Australia, which often faces drought.

There are approximately 140 waterfalls spread across the states of Australia. They are like elves on this ancient land, with primitive agility and purity. The following six waterfalls are the most worthwhile to visit.

1. Millaa Millaa Falls, QLD

Queensland's famous Millaa Millaa Falls is a feast for the eyes - the water hole is famous for being featured in the now-iconic Herbal Essences branding. Perfectly located next to the walking trail to two other waterfalls, it's sure to take your breath away: the water rushes from an 18.3-meter-high cliff into an ultimate swimming pool, and you have the chance to catch a glimpse of the rare semi-aquatic platypus.

2. Jim Jim Falls, NT

Known as one of the Northern Territory's most stunning natural wonders, Jim Jim Falls is a massive waterfall in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. How you appreciate the beauty of this canyon largely depends on the season.

It can be seen from the sky when heavy rain falls over the cliffs in tropical summer, and in the dry season, it is recommended to hike to the pool at the base of the falls.

3. Killen Falls, NSW

Killen Falls, just a 20-minute drive from Byron Bay, is a shallow puddle accompanied by a short, sweet little waterfall. Surrounded by smooth natural surfaces, this site is ideal for picnicking and swimming, providing the perfect setting for an all-day outing. And behind the waterfall, there's a hidden cave you'll want to explore.

4. Hamersley Gorge, WA

From the sparkling blue water to the stunning rock formations that surround it, Hamersley Gorge is a fascinating water hole you have to see to believe. This natural hot spring is located in Karijini National Park and is accessible via hiking trails and 4WD tours.

Also worth mentioning is the beauty of the reflections cast on the water as the sun rises and surrounds the water.

5. Josephine Falls, QLD

Josephine Falls in tropical North Queensland is a lot like a water park, with water slides - only they're not man-made. The water flows from Mount Bartle Frere, the state's highest peak, to smooth slide-shaped granite, where it pours into natural pools.

This layered wonder is a perfect flowery spot, surrounded by lush rainforest, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can also hike through it.

6. Russell Falls, TAS

If you happen to be looking for yourself in Tasmania, Russell Falls is a must. Situated in Mt Field National Park just over an hour outside of Hobart, this layered waterfall is definitely worth a visit.

Go during the day and be sure to make the most of the picturesque hike, which will take you to two other waterfalls; and by the time the sun goes down, you can spot fireflies.