People who love beauty have some understanding of the super "beauty empire" Estee Lauder Group, right? The "big guy" behind this "low-key hiding" behind many beauty brands is an existence like the H&M group in the clothing industry.

It includes makeup, skincare, perfume, hairdressing, and many other aspects, each of which can be regarded as a word-of-mouth brand in the industry!

There are as many as 29 brands under the Estee Lauder Group in the UK. This article selects some well-known beauty and skincare brands to introduce.

1. AERIN Beauty

AERIN Beauty is a brand established in New York in 2012 by Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Mrs. Estée Lauder. Like her grandmother, Aerin has had a soft spot for fragrance since she was a child, so she created this beauty brand that advocates a luxurious lifestyle.

The brand is most famous for its many high-end fragrance series, each of which smells very good and gives a feeling of extraordinary temperament, among which Rose de Grasse's rose fragrance and Amber Musk's warm fragrance are the most famous.

In addition, it also produces a body care line, of which the rose lip balm is the best.

2. Bobbi Brown

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown's eponymous skincare and makeup brand aim to show everyone's natural beauty from within through her products, emphasizing the effect of nude makeup, no wonder she is known as the "Queen of Nude Makeup"!

Bobbi Brown's super famous Liuyun eyeliner is said to sell 2 pieces per minute, which shows how popular it is. In addition, the base makeup series and lipsticks are also the most popular products in its home.

3. Clinique

Clinique is also a member of the Estee Lauder family. It was founded in New York in 1968 to develop the safest and most effective skincare products for beauty lovers. Clinique's skin care products are 100% fragrance-free, and they have all been tested for allergies, so they are safe to use.

Among them, the super classic little butter is sold in a can every 5 seconds around the world! Clinique's makeup series has also received a high reputation in recent years, and chrysanthemum blushes are very worthwhile to start with.

The Clinique ID in the new product can also be customized according to personal needs, with up to 15 choices, which sounds super fun!

4. Jo Malone London

This London-born fragrance brand specializes in colognes and home interior fragrances that are fresh and elegant, and, admittedly, each one smells pretty good. If you ask 10 people around you about their favorite flavor, you are guaranteed to receive 10 different answers!

Among them, orange blossom, rose, English pear, and freesia are the most popular ones. Sisters who like fresh floral and fruity scents can go to the counter to smell them and pick them up.

5. M.A.C

As a makeup brand favored by professional makeup artists, M.A.C's status in the industry is unshakable. This brand established in Toronto, Canada is the first "son" to be acquired by the Estee Lauder Group, and then gradually developed and expanded.

No matter what kind of skin tone you have or what kind of makeup you want to achieve, you can always find the right products at M.A.C.

M.A.C's Prep + Prime Fix+ Primer Mist is worth a try, it works great as a primer and setting spray. The signature lipstick number is even more numerous, and the color rendering is super high. In addition, Studio Fix is also a series commonly used by professional makeup artists.