The Japanese office worker marathon champion once said: "Jogging is a sport that anyone can participate in fairly regardless of age, gender and experience." Just find a playground or space anywhere, put on running shoes, and go out to exercise.

Because of the low requirements for equipment and the low threshold for implementation, running has gradually become a popular sport for office workers to maintain their posture and adjust their body and mind.

However, even if the equipment for running is less than other sports, it must not be underestimated. Once you wear unsuitable equipment, the small will affect the running effect, and the large will cause sports injuries.

There are countless types of running equipment. Among them, having a good pair of running shoes can make you more effective when running. However, choosing running shoes is either expensive or good. How to choose running shoes, but there are many things to pay attention to!

Sporting goods stores have a dazzling array of shoes. It's easy to choose a good-looking one, but it's not easy to choose a pair of shoes that suit you.

1. Occasion and strength of use

The same shoes are used for running, but "where to run and how much distance to run" will also affect the choice of running shoes! Because according to the intensity of participating in the event, easy running and long-distance challenges, the types of shoes you wear will also be different.

Light runners:

If you run twice a week, each time you run less than 5 kilometers, you can choose low-level jogging shoes. These jogging shoes are usually heavier and can give your feet better protection.

Moderate runners:

Running 4-5 times a week, each time running distance of more than 5 kilometers, if there is a need for competition, you can choose training shoes for professional athletes. This kind of shoes usually strikes a balance between protection and lightness, which can be used in addition to protection. , and can also help athletes achieve better competition results.

Marathon runners:

If it is a running shoe for running a marathon, please note that this kind of shoe is definitely not suitable for daily jogging. The main function of marathon shoes is light weight, poor protection, and a shorter lifespan than other shoes. The main function is to help marathon runners. Pursue better game results.

2. The toes are suitable for thick soles, and the soles are suitable for thin soles

As for thick-soled or thin-soled running shoes, "The Strongest Running Analysis Book" recommends starting from the runner's running style. If you are accustomed to running with your toes on the ground, thick-soled shoes are suitable; if you are used to landing on the soles of your feet, you should buy thin-soled shoes.

The toes of the platform shoes are thick, which can give runners excellent propulsion, but because the soles are soft, the soles of the feet are easy to shake from side to side.

As for thin-soled shoes, because the soles of the feet are closer to the ground, they are easier to run, but they provide less support for the feet and must run harder.

When buying running shoes, be sure to try them on the spot, and buy them according to the running time, distance, venue and other needs. It is recommended to try it on in the evening, when the feet are the most swollen, and the coverage of the running shoes can be confirmed.