Men often need to trim their hair, but every time they want to get their hair done, many people are troubled because they don't know how to change their style.

Hairstyles can make a good first impression on everyone, and a hairstyle that suits you can improve your relationship with the opposite sex!

Although the number of boys with long hair has increased a lot recently, short hair has always been the most popular hairstyle, but don't care about other people's eyes, just be brave and be yourself. Feel free to try any hairstyle you like!

First of all, it is classified by hairstyle style. The mainstream styles of men's hairstyles can be divided into Korean style, European style, Japanese style, hip-hop style, and traditional styles. The traditional style is the more common flat head.

The Korean style generally pays attention to texture, and the texture of the hairstyle is relatively rich, and it is also a style favored by college students.

The most common European styles are American-inch heads, retro oil heads, and gradient side backs. This style has also been popular in recent years and is usually more suitable for business people. It is characterized by a more obvious sense of lines and a tougher overall hairstyle.

Japanese-style hairstyles pay more attention to layering, line, and space. The popular understanding is that the overall hairstyle is relatively fluffy. Thin hair will have stronger support and bulkiness, so Japanese hairstyles are generally softer.

The representative hairstyle of hip-hop style is a black perm and dreadlocks. His characteristics are more trendy, individual, cool, and generally, a hairstyle style favored by boys who play street culture, rap, and skateboarding.

Next, we will classify the length of the hairstyle. The length of the hairstyle is divided into short hair, medium hair, medium long hair, and long hair.

Short hair generally refers to hairstyles with a length of 2 to 4 cm. Medium hair generally refers to hairstyles with a length of 5 to 7 cm. Medium-length hair generally refers to hairstyles with a length of 7 to 10 cm. Long hair generally refers to hairstyles with a length of 10 to 15 cm and more than 15 cm.

Men with long hair or in the transition period of long hair can tie up a Man Bun or a ponytail, and tie the hair on the top of the head or in different positions on the back of the head to have different styling effects.

If the back of the head is fuller, it is recommended to bun or flap The height of the child is a little lower. If the back of the head is more flat, it will help to modify the head shape and look taller.