Whether the photo looks good or not is actually determined by the composition, skills, and posture, so if you want to take a photo of a blockbuster, you must know some composition and skill routines for taking photos, otherwise, how can you make the photo?

Composition 1: Symmetrical composition

Symmetrical composition in photography is a very interesting thing. It takes you as the center of the picture, and the two sides are symmetrical so that it looks very symmetrical, and it is also the most prominent one in the picture.

Composition 2: Three-point composition method

The so-called three-point composition is to divide the picture into 3 equal parts, and put you on one of the pictures. It can be a left-right composition or a top-down composition. It is suitable for architecture and portrait shots or landscape and portrait shots.

Composition 3: Block Diagram

If you are taking pictures in places with many buildings, you can use more frame drawings. Through the door frames of some buildings or the frames formed between the buildings and buildings, you can take pictures of the frame drawings, especially to highlight the beauty.

Composition 4: Guideline composition

The guiding line composition can help everyone put their eyes on the guiding line, so this composition, as long as you simply stand on this guiding line, you are the most beautiful in the picture.

Landscape photography has always been a favorite of many photographers. But how do you take stunning landscape photos? Here are a few basic tips.

a.Pay attention to the depth of field

A large aperture can make a shallow depth of field and a small aperture can make a deep depth of field. When shooting landscape photos, in most cases, you want the scene to be clear and sharp. Therefore, the commonly used aperture value is f/8 or smaller (such as f/16). So that the scene in the photo will not be blurred because the aperture is too large and the depth of field is too shallow.

b. Using a tripod

Because the aperture is narrowed, the shutter speed will slow down, and in order to avoid the camera being affected by a handshake, it is best to use a tripod to shoot, especially in low light conditions.

c. Well compose the picture

Composition is a big question, and new photographers can pay more attention to the combination of foreground, medium, and background when taking landscape photos, and the resulting effect will be more balanced and deep. The above is a brief introduction to several composition methods, which you can refer to.

d. Capture the dynamics of nature

In fact, there are many moving things in nature, such as flowers and trees blown by the wind, magnificent waterfalls, and flowing water. We can use a slow shutter speed to capture this natural scenery.

Remember to install a tripod when shooting flowing water.

If you want to take good-looking photos, it is also important to have a handy camera.

You have to figure out what you want to shoot,

Photography is not just as simple as pressing the shutter. There are also many sub-fields. Different fields have different requirements for equipment. It is impossible to have a "universal camera", so you must do it according to your own needs. trade-offs.

There is a particularly handy camera shopping tip. If you don't know anything about cameras and don't know exactly what you need, choose the one that you think looks the best in your budget. A good-looking camera makes you happy to see it, and it can increase the number of times you pick up the camera.

Whether a photo is good or not, 70% of the factor is the lens. A lens is installed on a different body.

Even if the price of the body is dozens of times different, the final picture will hardly be much different. And the lens itself limits the picture you can take and the effect of the picture. So, when making a budget, be sure to take the lens into consideration.